Why plywood can be toxic for your house, plant and animal

AUSTIN — Plywood is a toxic byproduct of building construction.

But the fibers used to make plywood, called fiberboard and used to build a variety of homes and structures, are toxic to animals, plants and humans, according to the American Association of State and Territorial Veterinarians.

The association released a report this month that said plywood was the most toxic material used in construction construction.

The agency said the U.S. could use an environmental assessment process to determine whether the material is safe for use.

The report says plywood is not the same as fiberboard.

“The primary purpose of fiberboard is to provide the fibers that make up a building with the strength and durability needed to support a building structure,” the report says.

The EPA has not yet said whether the agency will issue a safety recommendation for fiberboard because of its potential impact on animals and humans.

The fiberboard used in buildings has long been a contentious issue, and several states have banned the material.

Some environmental groups have lobbied to change state laws to allow more fiberboard in the future.