GOP House Member: ‘I’m in a situation that I’m not ready to retire’

Republican Rep. David Cicilline (MA) said in a letter to members of the House Committee on Transportation that he is “in a situation where I am not ready” to retire, but he added that he “welcomes” their decision to let him serve out his term.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve on a committee with a diverse, experienced group of members.

I look forward to contributing to the work of the committee to ensure our nation’s transportation infrastructure remains the best it can be in the future,” he wrote.

Cicillines remarks come amid an intensifying war of words between the Trump administration and the bipartisan Congressional Black Caucus.

On Monday, the president tweeted that “black lives matter” and “you will not have my support.”

He followed up with an angry tweet of his own, calling him a “disgrace” and an “idiot.”

On Tuesday, Cicillino said the president was “very rude” and that he was not ready for the job.

“He called me an idiot,” Cicillio said.

“When you hear someone call somebody an idiot, you go ‘huh?’

And he did.”

Cicillinos response to the president came in response to a letter sent by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to members earlier this month, saying that while the president is “not the only one who is angry with the Black Caucus,” he was “clearly not the first.”

Lewis, the civil rights leader who led the March on Washington and helped lead the march, said in the letter that the White House had used its authority under the Voting Rights Act “to intimidate and intimidate the members of Congress who have stood up to the Trump Administration.”

Lewis also noted that he had not heard from Trump about his request to retire from Congress, and that his resignation was a request “not to be a distraction.”

Cicilino’s comments come after the Trump White House claimed that “the only reason Congress has not done anything about the opioid crisis is because they are black,” and that the president’s administration was “stirring the pot” by “fomenting discontent.”

Ciclillino also added that “we have an epidemic here in Massachusetts and we have to take action.”

Ciciliino’s letter is not the only time the congressman has criticized Trump in the past.

In August, Cicilios letter to congressional Democrats was signed by Reps.

John Katko (NY), Ted Deutch (FL), Keith Ellison (MN), and Peter Welch (VT).

In the letter, Cicilinos stated that he believes “Trump is a racist, a fascist, a misogynist, and a misogynistic pig.”

“I want to say it again, Mr. President, we are not alone,” he continued.

“We are not even alone in this fight, we know this.

We have to stop Trump from hurting us and us hurting each other.

We are not going to be silent.

We need to stop the toxic brew.”