How to make the most of a wood panel – with a bit of DIY ingenuity

Posted September 19, 2018 11:14:58 I’ve just finished building a few panels for my home, but I didn’t want to leave any unfinished. 

I had a few options to use, so I decided to go for a wood panels that I can build myself.

I’ve seen this technique used a few times on the internet and I thought it would be useful to share with you.

If you’re just starting out, don’t worry, I’ll show you how to make a few simple panels that are easy to build and will last for many years. 

Here are the steps:1.

Find a board. 

The easiest way to get started is to use a board as a template. 

This is useful if you are making some sort of tabletop or cabinet, but it’s not necessary. 

Just remember to cut your template in half and cut the two halves into four strips of about 1.5 inches each. 


Cut a piece of plywood. 

You’ll need a piece about 2 feet wide, or a piece that’s a bit bigger. 

These can be found at a hardware store or online. 


Cut your panels. 

If you’re going to be making a big panel, you want to start with the smallest and work your way up. 

For the most part, I cut my panels with a hacksaw. 


Cut two strips of ply. 

Cut two strips, one of each thickness. 


Cut the top and bottom halves of your panels from two strips. 


Cut four strips, two for each of the two thicknesses. 


Cut another piece of 2-1/2-inch plywood, the same size as the first piece. 


Cut three strips of 2x4s, the size of the strips you just cut. 


Cut an extra strip of ply, a quarter of an inch thick. 


Cut out the three pieces of ply that you cut out of your template.11.

Cut six pieces of 2×4s that are the same width as the top pieces of your panel. 


Cut one of the pieces of 1-1.5-inch thick plywood that is just under 1/2 inch thick, the thickness of the panels you just made. 


Lay your panels on your work surface. 

Lay the panels on a piece, about a foot apart, about 1 foot from each other. 


Start making your cuts. 

Start by cutting the top strip of your first ply.

Cut all six strips of your second ply, about one-quarter inch thick and then cut all six of the fourth strips of the second ply.

Repeat with all six panels.

You’ll want to cut the top strips of each panel so that the top panel fits between the top two strips that you just created. 


Lay the top panels on the work surface so that they don’t fall apart. 


Using a table saw, cut four 1-2-1-1 strips of 1/4-inch wood that are 1/8-inch wide. 


Make a 3-1 or 4-1 inch cut along one of these edges. 


Cut through the remaining 2-2/3-inch strips of wood that were cut through the last piece of your top panel.19.

Cut five 3-3/4 inch strips of 4-inch x 4-inches plywood in half to make two 1-3-1 panels.


Cut half a strip from each of your 6-1 x 6-3 x 6 panel pieces. 


Lay these four 1/3 inch strips on top of the 3-2 or 4 inch strips that were made earlier. 


Lay two 3-4 inch strip from the top of your third panel piece on top. 


Cut up the next two strips and cut through them to make one 4-3 inch strip. 


Lay three 1-4-1 inches strips on the top. 


Cut them out and lay the remaining strips on a flat surface.


Cut down the remaining two strips to make four 1 1/16-inch panels.


Cut off two pieces of the first 4-2 inch strip that you made and lay them on top as a finishing touch. 


Lay four 1 inch strips and a 1-inch strip of 2.5 inch plywood on top, like you did with the top piece of the panel.29.

Make six 1-5 inch strips, each 1/10-inch thickness.30.

Cut these to size and lay on a sheet of paper, about 10 inches high. 


Use a square to mark the location of the top three pieces.32.

Use the same square to make three of the four strips that are cut