Irish fiberboard maker announces $10m investment

A leading Irish manufacturer of fiberboard is planning to invest $10 million to improve the quality and safety of its products, which it has used in Irish schools and in the Irish Civil War.

The company, Black Fibreboard, announced on Tuesday that it will invest $5.2 million in the expansion of its production capacity and $5 million in a research and development programme aimed at improving the safety of the product.

The investment comes as the Irish government continues to grapple with how to reform schools following the collapse of the GardaSíochána and the collapse in the number of teachers.

“This investment will improve our quality and reduce our risk of infection,” Black Fibresco President, Peter O’Sullivan, said in a statement.

“We will work to ensure the product remains available for Irish schools, in spite of any changes in the current legislation, which we believe will protect Irish children from infection.”

Irish school children are still being exposed to high levels of infection from the virus.

There have been no confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the country, with no fatalities, and the death rate from the disease has been falling steadily.

However, the number and the incidence of cases in the US has risen steadily since the beginning of the pandemic.