Trump and GOP: ‘Fiberboard is a disaster’

The president-elect is in the midst of a whirlwind day of tweets, interviews and speeches, but his comments on the subject of fiberboard have gotten a lot of attention.

His first reaction was to call for a boycott of the material, which he said was “not good.”

Trump told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he’s been trying to make fiberboard a “national priority” since he became president.

“I think it’s been a disaster,” Trump said.

“It’s a disaster, I don’t care what you call it.

It’s a nightmare, and it’s a very, very dangerous material.”

He then called for the U.S. to get rid of it, as he has done with other materials.

“Fiberboards are going to be a disaster for the country, a disaster in many respects.

They’re going to hurt our jobs and their jobs are going up.

And they’re going up at a tremendous rate, and that’s not good for our economy,” Trump told Todd.”

So I would ask the people of the United States, we’re going on the fiberboard.

I’d like to get it off the table, but we’re getting rid of fiberboards,” Trump added.

“I don’t think you need it, Chuck.

We’ll get rid, and I hope we get rid.”

He also pointed to his plans to build a massive border wall, arguing that “fiberboards don’t help us.

We need steel and concrete.”

In a statement, Trump said he supports building the wall but “we need to start from scratch.”

“We need to build the wall from the ground up.

We have a lot to gain from it, and we’re spending $8 trillion, and they’re not getting it done,” Trump continued.

“They’re going down, they’re falling off, they won’t come back.

They will fall.

And it’s going to cost a fortune.

And you know what, I’m the one who’s going down.

So I’m going to start out by putting fiber on the wall.

And if you look at the cost of steel and the cost in terms of concrete, it’s not even close.”

Trump also took a swipe at Republicans who oppose his plans.

“Look, I have a great relationship with Republicans.

I like them.

I love them, but I’m also a politician, and so I have to listen to them,” Trump asserted.

“But they are not listening to me.

They are listening to the politicians.

They don’t like what I’m doing.

They want to see me fail.

They won’t listen to what I have done.

They say, ‘Well, we need to fix it.

Let’s get rid.'”

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