When Google Fiber expands to Atlanta

Google Fiber has announced plans to expand its fiber optic network to the Atlanta metropolitan area.

The Atlanta-based internet service provider has been looking to expand across the country for years.

It launched its fiber network in the city of Atlanta last year.

Atlanta has been the home of Google Fiber since its inception in 2008.

Google Fiber also offers service to the New York metro area, as well as a few smaller cities in the South.

The announcement that Google Fiber would expand its service to Atlanta came as a surprise to many, but the company did not have a timeline for when it would start offering service to Georgia.

“Google Fiber is committed to expanding its network to Georgia, and we have been making progress in Atlanta over the past few months,” the company said in a statement.

“The city of Austin is just the beginning of Google’s expansion efforts in Georgia, so we are excited to announce that we will be bringing Google Fiber service to Austin as well.”

Google Fiber said in its statement that the expansion will begin on Monday, May 20.

Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed has been supportive of Google, and the city is planning to be a “hub” for Google Fiber’s expansion.

“We’ve seen firsthand how the internet and telecommunications sector is one of the most important industries in Atlanta, and Google is a great partner to support that,” Reed said in February.

The city has had Google Fiber for a number of years, and Reed said it has been “a very positive experience” for the city.

“It’s exciting to see Google in Georgia and we’re excited to see more Google Fiber in the state,” he said.