When fiberboard cabinets are more than just a place to store your stuff

By Kaitlin O’ConnellAUSTIN — When a new construction project comes along, the first thing you need to do is decide what the biggest challenge is going to be.

You’ll need to find out how much fiberboard will be needed and what kind of cabinets will be used.

And that can be tricky.

For the first time, the American Institute of Architects has teamed up with fiberboard maker Fibreboard Co. and the American Association of Realtors to offer a comprehensive guide to determining your fiberboard needs.

The new guide, which has been updated in recent years, is available online and at fiberboardcabinets.com.

The new guide will be a great resource for those who are starting a new project, or anyone looking for a tool to help them get started.

It will help you to:1.

Know what to expect when fiberboarding is first installed in your home2.

Make a plan to get started3.

Determine the size and type of cabinets needed4.

Look for fiberboard in different materials and finishes5.

Choose the right size cabinet doors6.

Choose which fiberboard you want to use7.

Determinate how much insulation you need8.

Make your first purchase with fiberboards or fiberboard cabinet door fixturesThe AIAA and Fiberboard Co., a division of the company that also makes the AIAAM, said they are thrilled to help guide the fiberboard industry and will continue to provide updates and help in the future.

The AIAAC, which is also a division, is the association for the home improvement industry and works to develop and implement industry standards.

The group also has an online directory of available fiberboard products.

The guide is available at fiberboards.com/guides.

For a free trial version, sign up at fiberbooks.com and follow the prompts.