Hemp Fiberboard Panel is an ‘Elixir to the Mind’

Hemp fiberboard insulation panels are one of the most affordable, durable and energy-efficient solutions to energy efficiency in residential, commercial, industrial and utility applications.

This hemp fiber board insulation panel is manufactured with a unique blend of recycled hemp and recycled polyester fibers to provide superior performance and durability, with the same high-strength and high-density fiber that is commonly used in insulation.

The hemp fiber insulation panel was originally designed to protect buildings from the harsh weather and heat of summer, and has proven itself to be a durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional foam insulation.

“The hemp fiber panel is the perfect solution for energy efficiency, and it can be made from a wide variety of materials to provide a variety of insulation products,” said Andrew J. Stinson, president of JST Global LLC.

“In our fiberboard panel manufacturing process, we use recycled hemp fibers to create the fiber, and we use polyester to provide the insulation to provide strength and durability.

The fiberboard product is made to be flexible and durable, and is environmentally friendly and a great alternative to other foam panels.”

The hemp-based fiberboard is also biodegradable and is ideal for a wide range of applications.

Hemp fiber insulation panels can be installed at any size, such as a home, office, business or farm.

For more information about hemp fiberboards, visit: http://www.genspace.com/grow-harvest/marijuana-sustainable-harvests-harvesters-hemp-board-panel-harness-supplies-and-installation/