Homasote is making a big move into fibreboard

Fiberboard insulation and sheathing are hot topics at Homasoke’s new headquarters.

Photo: John CairdHomasote has built its new HQ on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, but it is already starting to move into fiberboard insulation panels.

Photo/SuppliedHomasoke Fibreboard Sheathing is the new look at Homsotek’s new office.

Photo from Homasose.

The company is starting to shift into fiberboards as a more affordable alternative to carbon fibre, as well as the cheaper alternatives to aluminum and carbon fibre.

The fiberboard products are manufactured by the Australian Fibre Boards Company (AFBC), and have a high performance rating and high durability.

In a press release, HomasoTek said that it was “the first Australian company to successfully scale its fibreboard business with the help of local suppliers”.

Homasole said the new office would be a “global hub” for Homasotes customers in Australia and New Zealand.

It said the company was also looking at expanding into Europe and Asia.

“The new office will be an important hub for Homsote’s global fibreboard operations,” Homasolte said.

“It will also serve as the base of the Homasota fibreboard distribution network in South Africa and will allow us to continue to grow our global fibreboarding operations.”

Homasotek also plans to introduce new products, including fibreboard insulation, in the coming months.

“Fibreboard insulation is the next great innovation in the industry and it is important that we continue to take advantage of it to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce the cost of our products,” Mr Caird said.

Homasosone said the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data indicated the cost per square metre of fiberboard material was increasing at a rate of about 2 per cent per year, from $12.80 to $17.90.

“These trends have created an opportunity for the Australian government to accelerate the development of fiberboards in Australia,” Mr Homasok said.

Mr Couders said Homasode was also investing in new facilities, which would help it move more efficiently into the future.

“We are also investing more in our fiberboard production facilities in Australia, to allow us access to the world’s largest market for fiberboards,” he said.

The Australian Fibres Board Company (AFCB) is the company’s parent company, which owns the Australian fibreboard industry.

It is the third-largest producer in the world, with approximately 2.6 million square metres of fiber in production.

“Our fibreboard customers in the United States are the biggest in the business in terms of volume, but we are seeing a shift towards our Australian customers,” Mr Wodgett said.

It has been the Australian fiberboard industry’s main provider of insulation and insulation panels to the global market, and Homasots move into new markets in Asia, Europe and Australia.

The Homasome fiberboard project began with a prototype of the new Homasoe fiberboard building in 2011.

Photo via Homasowe.