Which Fiberboard products will get the Fiberboard crown molded molding treatment?

The Fiberboard Crown molding is a new material that’s been designed specifically for the fiberboard industry.

Its new coatings, called “Sealed Fiberboard” or “SFF,” will give Fiberboard a smooth finish, making it more durable and less prone to cracking.

“It gives you a much better surface finish than fiberboard itself, and that’s something you want,” says Dan Lappin, vice president of product marketing at Fiberboard.

“We think it’s going to be very popular.”

According to Fiberboard, it’ll be available in two finishes: a matte, or white finish, and a matte black finish.

The matte finishes will be available to retail stores this summer.

The new coating will also help keep the Fiberboards price down by reducing the need for additional storage, Lappon says.

Fiberboard also plans to offer fiberboard boards for other industries, including medical, food, and electronics.

The company has also launched a Fiberboard CMO, which will focus on managing sales and marketing.

Fiberboard is also taking a big step forward with the product rollout.

Fiberboards will be shipping to select retailers this summer, with the first stores opening by September.

Fiberboarding hopes to be the first brand to ship fiberboards to consumers, though the company says its first shipments will be made to businesses.

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