Which players will take home the biggest TV deals?

By Football Italian staffIt is now the season for the Serie A champions to cash in on their newfound TV deals, with a number of Serie A clubs set to be given deals worth up to €1.5 billion.

According to reports, AC Milan are set to receive an agreement worth €300 million, which will be divided between their owners, the Italian media company, AS Roma, and the broadcaster.

The Rossoneri will receive a €150 million deal from AS Roma for a deal covering the next three years, covering a period of four years.

The remaining €90 million will be paid out to the owners of the clubs, and will be split between the clubs and the league.

AS Roma’s contract will be worth €200 million.

The following clubs will also receive deals worth €150m, and all the remaining €80 million will go to the league itself.

AC Milan’s contract with AS Roma will be €180 million.

Fiorentina, Juventus, Lazio, Inter, Napoli and Palermo are all set to get deals worth between €60 million and €80m, with Inter worth an additional €60m.

The Italian giants will receive €80million.

There are many Serie A sides who are currently receiving deals worth less than €150million.

The only clubs who have been granted deals worth more than €1bn are Napoli, Inter and Fiorentino.

In total, only three Serie A teams have been given deals of more than half that amount: Udinese, Palerio and Inter.