How To Easily Create Landing Pages - Fast .

Your landing Page ( sometimes called squeeze Page or Splash Page ) , is probably
your most important page within the whole of your website set up and design .
 It is VITAL that you make this page able to convert as highly as possible .
WHY ? - because here is where all the magic begins .

      Email Marketing .

                  The whole idea of email marketing is to be able to send your List your future
            Newsletters and / or marketing product information ( hopefully to make some sales
            along the way ) . In order to do that , you must firstly have a LIST .
Your squeeze
            page / Landing Page is the page where your prospects ( or leads ) , actually sign up
            to your newsletter or to join your list .

                  It is therefore imperative  that the Splash Page layout and design is created to be
            optimized to convert as many of the visitors to the page to actual subscribers as
            possible .

            Landing Page Design .

                  The main feature of the Squeeze Page is the HEADLINE . The main function of the
             headline is to "Grab the visitor's attention " , to get them to continue to read the
             rest of the page . Sometimes this headline can be to give away something for free ,
             in return for the visitor's email address . This is sometimes referred to as
             " The bribe " .The second part of The Splash page is " The Call To Action " .
             This is mostly a few sentences to urge the visitor to enter their contact information
             in the autoresponder form .
               The third part of The squeeze page is the actual Autoresponder Form . When a
             visitor enters their contact information in to this form , they are automaticlly added
             to the owner's "list" . They are now able to receive future Newsletters / promotions
             from the list - owner .
              The page may also contain some other features , such as Bullet-Points , perhaps to
             emphasize some other features of  the offer being presented .

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            Summary .
              So we can now see why the Landing Page is so important to the whole Email
             Marketing Web Page set-up . Because this is where the actual converting of page
             visitors to actual subscribers take place . So it stands to reason that we should try
             and make this page as attractive and stunning-looking as possible .
               However , actually creating this page is a very complex and time consuming chore ,
             involving lots of HTML coding and page set up design . So unless you are an expert
             in the use of html coding , this will be a very daunting task for the average
             marketer .

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