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Hi peeps ,

My name is James Patrick Murphy ( typically Welsh eh? ) ,

I am just about to celebrate my 50th birthday

below is a picture of me and my best friend Duke . He passed away 14 years ago , but is always with me in my thoughts and my heart 🙂


Not really a lot to tell about myself here – I guess I’m just a “normal” sort of Guy .

I left school at the age of 16 years , and went straight in to the British Army ( Catering Corps ) . It was here that I managed to learn that I AM NOT someone who can follow the chain of command…. I just don’t like being told what to do !

The following 12 years in the catering industry really sucked !… I found it such a “thankless ” job – being first up in the mornings to sort out breakfast – and last out late at night after everyone else had been fed .

During the next sort of 15 years , I drifted  through literally hundreds of different jobs . I can’t stand early mornings any more , so shift-work went out the window !

 For the last 5 years , I have been a full-time Carer to my 84 year old mother . Sure , it can be trying at times , but it is a labour of love 🙂

This has given me plenty of spare time to investigate making an income on line . Like a lot of other people , I have spent my share of thousands in the past on all that other crappy stuff out there – that simply didnt work for me . This made me more determined……

Hence , this here Blog . The products or Services featured within these pages , are ALL products that I myself have used and tested , and ALL come highly recommended .

From Email marketing to Affiliate Marketing – I’ve just about done it all .

So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information on anything on any of my pages .

Best regards ,

James .

[email protected]

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