Fiberboard: the new name for insulation

Fiberboard is the name for the type of insulation used in buildings and homes, and is the primary insulation used on all fiberboard materials.The term is used in many places as well, such as in the name of the insulation company that manufactures it, which is called Fiberglass.It has been around since the 1960s and […]

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How to make a fiberboard drum: 5 quick tips

Fiberboard is the thick, flexible, fiberboard material that has a high thermal conductivity, making it ideal for insulating buildings.It can also be used for insulation of electrical circuits.The fiberboard is made from a single layer of fibres, which is called the “fiber,” or fiber.Fiber is thin and flexible, so it can be applied to various […]

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How to Make an Insulating Fiberboard for Your Home

As we’ve reported, insulation is the way to go for the most efficient way to prevent heat damage.Insulation reduces moisture levels in the air and prevents it from entering your house.When the air gets warm enough, it gets trapped in the fibers of insulation and becomes a problem.This insulation gets very cold and if you […]

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When fiberboard is more than insulation, it’s insulation

Fiberboard is an insulation material made from plywood.But it’s a term that doesn’t exactly get a lot of traction in the marketplace.For years, the fiberboard industry has argued that it’s more than just an insulation.In fact, many of the products it uses are also sold as insulation, as are fiberboard boxes.And now, the company’s new […]

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